Premium Australian Poultry Breeders

Some of Australia's leading poultry professions. Great service, chicken keeping advice and good old relaibility.

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Fred’s Chickens
Australorp Closed Now!

Fred’s Chickens

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Premium Quality Poultry Housing

Built for the Australian environment, McCallum Made Chicken Tractors are designed to handle the toughest conditions.

Rare Poultry Breeds

Looking for something a little different? These are some of the rarest breeds in Australia. Choosing these breeds will ensure the survival of these breeds in Australia.

Protection From Predators

The easiest way to keep your poultry protected from predators is through the use of electric netting. Click on any of the images below to discover more.

Australian Poultry Breeds For Sale

Here are all the different breeds currently available for sale in Australia. If you know of any more we'd love to hear from you!