$ 60
  • New South Wales

Just Chicks is proud to present our latest young available ladies: Araucanas, Easter Egger and a Belgian cross!
Araucana & Easter Eggers were born from blue eggs. I do not have the parent stock, these were purchased from a breeder as fertile eggs.

PIC 1: Gold Headed Brown (araucana) $70 blue egg
PIC 2: Partridge (araucana) $70 blue egg
PIC 3: Lavender (araucana) $60 blue egg
PIC 4: Cuckoo (belgian d’uccle x frizzle) $60

All chicks no longer require heat but need flock mates and a nice cosy house to keep warm. They are fully feathered but have not spent a day outside due to weather (I also might be spoiling them).

If you require extra photos or information please let me know.

If your pullet or hen turns out to be a cockerel or rooster, we can offer a full ref


2759,New South Wales

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