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Master Chicken Tractor

Added July 31, 2018

The Master Chicken Tractor is essentially two Standard Chicken Tractors bolted together – twice the space for your chickens in a more efficient package! Despite the increase in size, our unique wheel and trolley system still makes it easy for one person to maneuver around the yard – and the trolley is not an “optional extra” – it is included complimentary with every model sold.

Suits 8 chickens more if they are being let out during the day)
Measures 2.72m long, 1.83m wide and 0.92m high
Fully welded galvanised steel frame
Made with Galah Mesh – rodent and fox proof
Mist Green coloured steel sheet
Plastic nesting box and steel perches – impervious to mites
Assembly about 60-90 minutes, only a set of spanners needed

Price: For Free