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Jumbo Chicken Tractor

Added July 31, 2018

The Jumbo Chicken Tractor is simply the biggest mobile chicken tractor than can be moved by one person. Despite the increase in size, our unique wheel and trolley system still makes it easy for one person to maneuver around the yard – and the trolley is not an “optional extra” – it is included complimentary with every model sold. If you love your chickens but you cannot let them free range during the day, then buying a Jumbo Model Chicken Tractor gives them the most freedom they can experience.

Suits 12 chickens (more if they are being let out during the day)
Measures 2.72m long, 2.72m wide and 0.92m high
Fully welded galvanised steel frame
Made with Galah Mesh – rodent and fox proof
Mist Green coloured steel sheet
Plastic nesting box and steel perches – impervious to mites
Assembly about 60-90 minutes, only a set of spanners needed

Price: 1209 $