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Dine-a-Chook 4.7 Litre Feeder

Added July 31, 2018

Even though chook feed may be cheap it still should not be wasted. The biggest cause of wasted chook feed is wet weather and for that reason the Dine a Chook feeder was designed with a patented rain cover and gutter. Top quality poultry equipment designed for years of hassle free use.

All Dine a Chook Chicken Feeders are made from long-life PVC. Parts snap together and are guaranteed to be water-tight. All feeders come with fixings to attach to the aviary mesh sides of a McCallum Made Chicken Tractor.

The Dine a Chook 4.7 Litre Chicken Feeder is suitable for up to 8 chickens. The silo-inspired feeding bay prevents wastage caused by chickens raking out feed and discourages wild-birds. The automatic feeder will hold enough feed to sustain for 6-7 chickens for at least 4 days, and protects the feed from vermin as well as wet weather.

Pricing includes freight.

Price: 116 $