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Australian Eggs and CSIRO have combined forces in a new study designed to change poultry farming practices to match public expectations of welfare and quality

More than 5000 randomly selected people, along with members of the public that volunteer to partake, will be asked for their views on the Australian poultry industry in an attempt to regain the trust between producers and consumers.

Reconnecting producers and consumers by encouraging traceability and transparency is key for the survival of the poultry industry

The research programme will involve a comprehensive community survey on the impacts and contributions of the egg industry across areas such as the environment, animal welfare, food security, and livelihoods. The research outputs will provide insights into the relationship between the egg industry and the community and identify pathways to deeper levels of trust and acceptance of the industry.

Australian Eggs has undertaken to use CSIRO research as the key input to its public engagement activities under the Australian Egg Industry Sustainability Framework and has committed to transparent reporting of the research outputs.

Senior Research Scientist with the CSIRO, Dr Kieren Moffat, explains:

“Our research programme will help provide egg farmers with a better understanding of community attitudes, and communities with a better understanding of the egg industry. The CSIRO will be conducting surveys of the community across all states and territories, as well as inviting interested parties to participate. We’re excited to be involved in this project. Community trust is critical to the sustainability of all agricultural industries and we look forward to playing a role in this process.”

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